Belladrum – over for another year

August 7, 2011

Belladrum 2011 is finished…

and for the two days it remained dry (my sunburnt arms tell the story).

Preparation was right up to the last moment… but we were ready to go.


Photo by Heather Gregg

470 people visited the Insight tent through both days and the evening parties drew in a good crowd.  Each person chose from an encounter menu that gave them a choice of how they wanted to hear – through dream interpretation, destiny words, spiritual art, or even through hand massage…

Spiritual Art

Photo by Heather Gregg

During the music at one of the parties, some heard instruments that were not being played by the musicians… there was the sound of a horn, flutes and voices… we were not playing on our own.

The party had a mixture of Celtic melody and African rhythms and people were encouraged to join in both with the music and the dance…


Photo by Heather Gregg

What the Insight team do at Belladrum is to help people who would shun anything to do with church to have an encounter with God… it is about introducing souls to the spirit of their heavenly father.

Photo by David Powell

And as this is so different to normal evangelism it is hard to explain…  In some ways it is easier ‘caught’ than it is ‘taught’.


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