My new Microphones have arrived!…

September 6, 2011

Just when I though I was going to have to do something useful… then the postman arrives with my new condensor microphones…

I have just taken delivery of two Karma K-Micro condensor microphones – these are SMALL, just slightly bigger than a microphone cable connector…

My leatherman multi-tool dwarfs both of the microphones in their packaging.

These are neat little omni microphones designed to be utility microphones for many applications… and come with their own custom mini Mic clips…

So I decided to give them a quick test and let you see/hear what these can do.

My test rig used both microphones connected to my Presonus BlueTube Dual path valve preamp (as these microphones like all condensor microphones require phantom power).  The Presonus was then connected to my M-Audio sound card and recordings made on my iMac with Amadeus Pro.  A really simple signal path, with no processing or EQ applied…

These are NOT a matched pair – they come in pairs, and I found that the mics required different levels of gain, and that is where the BlueTube came into it’s own.

With the mics and preamp setup I made two very simple recordings… The room I used had very reflective surfaces and so there is a little bit on natural ‘reverb’ to these recordings.

The first recording was of guitar playing with the mics in the optimum position to pick up the guitar (not my singing, hence the vocal sounds way back in level)… with the pair of mics about 30cm away from the guitar.

On the recording you can clearly hear the very light plectrum I was using giving it’s ‘click’ against the strings…

On the second recording I positioned the mics a little further away and played my Djembe.  The mics were near the plane of the drum skin and clearly picked up the ringing of the skin and handled the volume of the hits really well.

On the whole first impressions are really good.

These small mics seem to be able to provide a really serviceable sound and are so small as to be very unobtrusive… I suspect their use as vocal mics for choral pieces will be one of my main uses.

Now for the astonishing news… the price… Wait for it… $29 a pair… yes $29 a pair, mail order from the manufacturer.  You just can’t go wrong with that!

Here are my random noodles for you to make your own opinion..

Random Djembe playing

Guitar and voice with K-Micro

And here is a link to the Karma Microphones Website

If you want a second opinion have a look at the review of these Mics in ‘Sound on Sound’, Sept 2011.


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