Todays theme – a Work in Progress…

September 7, 2011

This day is going by in a flash… it is just rocketing by… but it has a definite theme – A work in progress.

In yesterdays entry I shared some of my excitement of getting my hands on a couple of new microphones.  Well… as it seems to be the case for me, having the tools seems to stir up the creative in me. And having come across the following video of Phil Volan playing “Ashokan Farewell” on Youtube I was tempted to try and develop something myself…

So late last night inspiration came… and I made a rough recording of it… with the idea that I would revisit it today and ‘get it right’.

But today – today is about being a work in progress, not something polished and finished… it’s about being in the place of change… it’s about expectation… it’s about uncertainty.

And so I offer you my work in progress…

Work in Progress Waltz

Blessings on you as you embrace your work in progress today.



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