Spiritual Fair

November 16, 2011

Last night saw a Spiritual Fair run by the Insight Team at the Kings Factory.

This is a personal perspective of one who was at the fair.

The Spiritual Fair gave an opportunity for people to meet and relate to God, to hear what He has to say to them – this could be through prophetic words, words of knowledge, art and creativity.

Spiritual Fair

The local community had been leafleted in the previous week with some 900 leaflets dropped through the doors, and this resulted in a huge number of people arriving at the Kings Factory even before the official start time.  So we started the fair half an hour early and by the time we reached the official start time there was already a two hour waiting list.

David Powell, of the Inverness House of Prayer, on an encounter team

The encounters at the fair were very similar to those at the Belladrum festival, with dream interpretation, destiny (prophetic)  words and spiritual art being shared.   At the end of the evening there were about 100 such encounters.  Some people once they had experienced what God was saying to them immediately signed up for a second & third encounters.

Most of those attending did not come from a church background (70-80%), and even then those from a church had not experienced this kind of mission before and this was new and fresh to them.

Through the evening live instrumental ambient music was being played – this inspired music unfolded and developed through the evening.  Alistair and Helen played for the whole of the 3 hour mission and were superb.

The atmosphere in the room was awesome, very relaxed, very gentle, there was a real sense of the presence of God.  At times what best could be describes as a ‘rush’ of the spirit came – a brief crescendo, or a wave – and it was good.

My wife and I were running the AV, lights and sound to ‘paint’ an environment within the structure of the Factory, and also for the third time in three days I was playing percussion again.

It was an awesome night – hearts touched.  It is interesting to realize that most of those who came were seekers, and to think what the terms ‘church’ and ‘mission’ could be.

God is calling all people to Himself.  He calls to the lost, and he calls to His church. Blessed be His name.


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