Harmony and Synchronization

November 17, 2011

A main focus of our Life Group is soaking in the presence of God.  Deliberately and lavishly spending time with and in Him.

This evening towards the end of out time together the last piece of music played was a psalm sung in the traditional Gaelic style found on the Western Isles of Scotland.

A presenter sang a part and the chorus came in on a response, the unaccompanied vocals, ebbed, flowed, swelled and was at times discordant… but came together in resolution at the end.  I was moved by the music.

It reminded me of part of Derek Browns talk at Kings Fellowship on the 30th October.  He shared the thought that things, issues, situations resolve themselves and fall into harmony and synchronisation.

Both the Gaelic Psalm and Dereks Talk also seemed linked to this video…

Notice how the Pendulums at times seem to totally chaotic, at times in a wave, at others they seem to be in total division…. but they eventually resolve into Unison.

It let me to ponder… we fall into synchronisation in what we are immersed. So if we are immersed in worry and anxiety do our souls ‘resolve’ and become in synch with worry… I think so.  Wouldn’t it be better if we be immersed into (Baptised into) God’s presence… our souls resounding in harmony and synchronisation with the Spirit of God.

Step into the presence of God, He’s waiting for you to come and get in Synch and Harmony with Him.


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