Drum Circle

November 18, 2011

We ran our third Drum Circle on Saturday evening following on from the fantastic gathering we had in July  facilitated by Simon Edwards, Psalm Drummers in Ireland.

About 15 people attended, and for some it was the first time that they had been at a drum circle.

Phil Moir facilitated the circle and directed us through a number of great exercises and games.  One of those at  the drum circle mentioned that days after the event she was still finding herself thinking of the “walk the doggie…” rhythm. (NB: if you don’t know “walk the doggie” come along to the next drum circle to find out)

Photo by Lee-Anne Maclennan

Phil devised a great ‘conductor’ game, with the room split into two groups frist he then other conducted the percussion with huge crescendos, to single punchy notes… he even had the room participate in a basic paradiddle.

It was amazing just how quickly everyone just jumped into the rhythms we were playing and the gentle, relaxed atmosphere encouraged everyone to experiment and play along.

There was laughter, with all sorts of percussion played, and great fun – the two hours simply evaporated.

Drum circles are a fun way into playing music together – everyone can beat a drum. Playing together encourages people to listen to each other, to follow the pulse of the rhythm, to be in a place of community each dependent on the other.

It was great to have a couple of folks in the circle who are dancers as there is a strong biblical association between dance and percussion.

“Praise his name with dancing, accompanied by tambourine and harp.” Psalm 149

If you are interested in coming along to the next Drum Circle please drop me an email at andrew.gregg@gmail.comand let me know.

Photo by Lee-Anne Maclennan


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