Street Pastors – Observation Night

November 26, 2011

20:45 Ok… so in 15 minutes I’ll be heading off for my first night on the streets with street pastors as an observer… spent the afternoon preparing, snoozing and waiting before God for this evening (still haven’t found my boots though)… Felt reminded of St Pauls words to the Corinthians “You have everything you need”… TBC…

04:04 Back home again…  so what was the story… It started with observing the team in action, preparing the kit to take out on the street, it was slick, and well prepared. The team that had been out on the streets of Merckinch arrived in and gave an update on what they had seen, and they prayed with & for us as we headed out.

10:00 – There were five on the team, and so there were six on the street including me.  So we were split up into three teams of two.

A wet, cold November night made for a quieter evening on the streets of Inverness. The door staff were good for a chat and on more than one occasion we were greeted like long lost friends – “Hey it’s the street pastors”.

We went into a number of pubs and clubs to get an idea of the ‘feel’ of the evening… some great live bands were playing. Then back on the streets again, chatting to people willing to chat – one person commenting that they had just realised that they had started pouring out their life story to complete strangers.

I got chatting with a bar manager – who just wanted to express how much he appreciated the presence of the street pastors, and the impact they had on his customers.

By midnight the clubs had closed their doors, but no-one seemed to a been left outside. So by 1am we were ready for a break.

It was great chatting and listening to the personal journeys of the street pastors team – it was plain to see that there was no particular ‘mold’ that a street pastor is cast from.  They all have different stories, come from different places – but it was also clear that there were deeply shared values… caring, listening and helping.

02:00 So back on the streets again to catch the clubs closing. We were hailed by a guy who had spotted a street pastor earlier in a club… and asked the “What’s a street pastor?” question, straight from the training last week – it made me smile.

We were available to help some folks get home safely, talked to some more door staff and in, what seemed like, an instant it was 03:30 and we were back, putting the kit away and getting ready to head home.

and here I am…

I had started this evening with more than a little trepidation.  It was an unknown…

Tonight I saw Jesus on the streets of Inverness – not just in the street pastors who have connected with that part of their identity… but also in the revellers, door staff, police and traders who maybe haven’t yet found Him yet, but are in His image and showing His compassion and appreciation…

So now at the end of the night I didn’t want to stop… roll on next time.


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