Street Pastors – Training part 2

December 2, 2011

A cold, wet Tuesday night saw the second session of training for Street Pastors in Inverness.

This session was held at the Police station on Burnett Road and was an opportunity to better understand how the police work in Inverness.

The community safety officer took us through presentations on what we could expect to see on the streets of inverness, some law and walked through the police processes for things like search and arrest.

We also went through the operating protocol between the Northern Constabulary and Inverness Street Pastors that clarifies the responsibilities and boundaries of the role of the police & street pastors.

We were advised on elements of personal safety, and we had a visit to the cells and processing processing procedures for those arrested. It was all very informative.

The purpose of this training is to help trainee street pastors to think broadly about the context of the streets – to start to ask the question “What is our community really like” … this is a crucial starting place, sometimes we as church seem to have the answer to which really no-one is asking the question.

In having an dialogue with the Police we learned many things, and it is my hope that our engagement on the streets that will help people make choices that will not result in being arrested or detained by the Police.



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