He calms the storm…

December 9, 2011

In case you weren’t aware of it – It was a bit windy last night… the gusting windspeed at the top of Cairngorm Mountain (about 30 miles south of where I live) peaked at 165 miles per hour just 8 miles per hour short of a new national record.

Trees were blown over, there were flash floods and power outages… even wind turbines designed to harness the power of the moving air were struggling.. and at the wind farm in Ardrossan one of them gave up in spectacular style… while others just collapsed under the strain.

Picture by Stuart McMahon

As the wind increased into the evening we could see our patio doors bow and  flex in the wind, and when I read that the Police had issued an advisory not to travel – we decided not to hold our life group that evening… but having prepared for a time of reflection and quiet that is what we did ourselves…

Towards the end of our time of quiet, with turmoil and banging going on outside I was prompted to take a couple of photos in the room… and having randomly opened my bible and placed it on a table as a prop… I started to snap away… taking pictures like this one…

However when I uploaded the photos to my computer and started to look at them in detail I was dumfounded to see there I had ‘randomly’ opened my bible. Psalm 108…

“He calms the storm, So that it’s waves are still. Then they are glad because they are quiet, So He guides them to their desired haven”

As I started to read these words the wind was buffeting the house, our refuse bins banging away… but when I had reached the end of the passage the wind had stilled.

In the physical storm Heather and I sought quiet and stillness… and God calmed the storm.

If today you face storms, maybe not a physical storm like last night, it could be financial, it could be relational… any number of things.

Do not focus on the storm, rather put your focus on God and seek quiet from him… and he WILL bring you to a safe haven.

Blessings, peace and grace to you.


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  1. Nice share Andy, it refreshed my soul. I’ve posted it to my wall.

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