Street Pastors – Training 4, Good News

December 10, 2011

Today we had an all day session on “Good News” in Tain, north of Inverness.

Last nights snow was still on the ground, and while it was only about 1/2 inch in Inverness it had been snowing more heavily around Tain and for some of the local team the roads were difficult to get through.

In the training Mark led us through sessions discussing the effects of current morality, globalisation, spiritualisation and tolerance agenda on the society and culture of our towns and cities illustrated with video clips from the contemporary culture.

We moved onto look at the needs individual tend to express to street pastors, both the presenting physical & emotional need… and the deeper actual spiritual need.

“No one can develop freely in this world and live a full life without feeling understood by at least one person” – Paul Tournier

We look at how to give appropriate affirmation to the people we meet, and the basic need for friendship and loyalty – mercy & justice. To really care for the person in the way that Jesus cares for people, sacrificially of ourselves pointing to the glory of God.

The video “Validation” below was mentioned at the training when discussing how we can make a difference to peoples everyday lives.

We completed a fun self assessment exercise to identify our styles of communication – whether  Direct, Personal, Thinker and/or Helper… this generated a heap of light hearted banter.

At the end of the session we gathered together to say and declare what we would like to see change on the streets of our towns & city, concluding in praying for the work and for each other.

As usual training was great – relaxed and laid back… but also deep in the heart. Everyone engaged, there were laughs and there were tears as God worked in us again sharing His heart with us…

Today reminded me of the following picture I came across this a couple of weeks ago…

Here she is… she has been out on the town… scantily clad & barefoot on a cold, wet, Inverness night… cigarette and can in one hand… her high heels in the other as she steadies herself on a bollard… fast food and rubbish litter the ground at her feet.

On my observation night with Street Pastors this is close to what I saw in the city… but there is more…

There is who she really is, what she is created for… she is a heavenly being.  Made in the image of, and to be in the presence of God… and this is who God sees, and calls out to, and calls us to go to.

This is a picture of our towns and cities – of people who haven’t yet connected with their purpose of being. And for me… that’s what street pastors is about… seeing the Heavenly view of those in the city… the revellers, the homeless, the drug addict, the lost, the lonely, the businessman, the doorman… and listening, caring and helping as Jesus would have.


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  1. Bless you for sharing this truth with us. i am sorry I was unable to be with you all yesterday but blessed that all of you were! Marie

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