Christmas Day at Kings Fellowship…

December 25, 2011

It has been a fun day…

This morning I was privileged to have another opportunity to share at Kings Fellowship (Audio can be found here on the Kings Factory Website).

There was  certain symmetry to speaking at Kings this morning as I had spoken there on the 1st Sunday of the year… and at that time I shared on Beginnings and looking forward to the return of Jesus…

and today I had the opportunity to share about the Gift of God.  Celebrating and remembering the birth of Jesus.

Church was really informal this morning and it was fabulous to see three and four generations of families gathering together to worship God.

Phil & Abi lead the worship in a unique way today – and folks really engaged with it.

In summary… the bullet points of the talk were…

  • Come to the Giver of the real gift – Jesus, the light of the world
  • Receive the gift of freedom, adoption into his family, acceptance
  • Engage with the gift – live your life, freely, generously and in Love

And finally…

  •  Encourage one another

I was very encouraged by the feedback as the service touched the hearts of a number of people.

This time of year can be very distracting and it was great to spend some time re-focusing on the real meaning of this season.


May His blessings, His Light, His Presence and His peace go & be with you today…


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