RUA – Raise a shout… the sound of the spheres….

January 19, 2012
Place of Grace

Place of Grace

After folks had left life group this evening I started to play some of the soaking music we played earlier in the evening… a tune called ‘Deep calls to Deep’ by Ancient Path was playing…

On my computer I noticed a tweet refering to the IHOP KC prayer room live and joined the live webcast from the prayer room… and both my wife and I were blown away by what we heard…

The music we were playing and being played in KC right at that moment melded together in a fantastic way…

The Guitars, Bass, Drums, Keys and vocals merged with the horns, strings and orchestral sounds we were listening to…

I captured a brief segment here ->  InTune

What you’re hearing is a live music from Kanas with a live soaking session in Inverness… and they are in unity.

Listen for the sound of Shofars coming in at the point where they sing… “we lift your name up”

If you listen to this you can clearly hear the horns appearing within the IHOP music…. all in tune all together – totally awesome…

And I thought “RUA” – to raise a shout, give a blast:

  • battle cry,
  • cry,
  • cry aloud,
  • crying,
  • jubilant shouting,
  • raise your battle cry,
  • raised a war cry,
  • raised the war cry,
  • shout,
  • shout for joy,
  • shout in triumph,
  • shout aloud,
  • shout joyfully,
  • shout loud,
  • shouted,
  • shouted for joy,
  • shouting the cry,
  • sound an alarm,
  • sound the alarm,
  • sounding an alarm,
  • utter a shout.

Around the world at this moment – 10’s of thousands of people are in prayer and worship, in different countries, speaking different languages, expressing their love to God in many different ways… their song… our song…

But God hears the whole song – it’s in tune, its a fragrant offering of united praise and worship…



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