Furnace 17th January update…

January 22, 2012

Phography by Karen Beaton

Possibly the first question people ask when they first hear of the Furnace is “What is it?”

The Furnace events provide a place where people can come to express their creative gifts in worshiping God.  The events are aimed to provide people space to experiment in art, movement and dance, prayer, soaking, praise & worship, creative writing, journaling in a communal setting.

This is my story of supporting the event on the 17th January…

My role at the event was to create an environment using lighting and sound.

So for nearly an hour before anyone else arrived I started to work on setting the focus of the lighting system at the Kings Factory.  Painting with light is a great thing to play with, and the Factory has a reasonable set of lights, some using gels and some with RGB mixing through a DMX control. {and Yes, I do have nerdy tendencies…}

I had just about finished when the setup crew arrived and the first of the musicians. Earlier in the day I had build some new leads for the In Ear monitoring system and so I ran these in first.

There were three worship leaders, each with their own set for the evening, requiring Vocals and Guitar inputs, four channels of drums, bass, electric guitar, keyboards, violin, whistles, and backing vocals.

In one of the shortest sound checks I’ve ever run we dialed in basic gain and EQ…  and started…

Karen (whose photos documented the event) ran the two computers driving the projection system to provide lyrics for those who wanted to join in with the songs.

Now I was set… I got to look around – the room was quite full.  And it was great to see people engage straight away with the worship.  I noticed folks that I had not seen at a Furnace event before just step into the worship.

Soon the art tables had more and more people sitting quietly drawing and responding to the flow in the room.

Others rested on bean bags and let the worship minister to them – one person mentioned to me that in the frist hour they had an almost constant flow of creativity as God brought more and more ideas and thoughts to their mind and they had made copious notes that would be a source for them for weeks to come.

Others sat and journaled their thoughts – all the while live music was playing, and people experimented with dance..

As for me – I love mixing music… and the event gave me full opportunity to produce a sound that I felt was appropriate for the event.  Layering echo and reverb on the vocals, violin and whistles gave a wonderfully full sound.

To keep the overall volume down I mixed 50% of the time with headphones, and 50% of the time with the room acoustics. Listening through my cans on PFL to individual musicians to pick out when they adding something individual and creative.

Two hours went by in a flash, and as folks filtered out the clear up crew started to reset the room back for use as a weekday mothers and toddlers room… so a little after 10:30 we were finished.

Over the next few days I heard reports of individuals experiences of the event… all positive, all wanting more, all enjoying the freedom of expression.

Thank you God for the opportunity to serve these people… who are your beloved.


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