Psalm Drummers & Movement in Worship, Edinburgh Summer School 2012…

January 26, 2012

Back in July 2011, we had the pleasure of hosting friends (Psalm Drummers) from Northern Ireland who were supporting Movement in Worship events in the Highlands of Scotland. (And I still haven’t editing the video footage from this yet!)

Now there’s a superb opportunity to find out more and to learn about movement and percussion in worship this summer at the Edinburgh Summer School…

For more information, and to book yourself a place click on the image below…

Edinburgh Sum Scho 2012

Excerpt from the MIW website….

“An exciting collaboration between MIW and the Psalm Drummers!

The 2012 Summer School will explore the dynamics of worship and mission through movement and percussion.

Building on a devotional and Biblical foundation the school splits into two training streams, ‘Movement’ and ‘Percussion’. The ‘Movement’ stream includes intercessory and prophetic movement, an exploration of different dance styles and the use of props.

Through group work the ‘Percussion’ stream explores worship and intercession using different rhythms. Many types of hand drums and global percussion instruments are used.  New for 2012 we will be introducing a kit drum element to the Percussion stream.”

See you there?


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