Inverness Street Pastors – City Centre Daytime Patrols… starts today!

February 14, 2012

After months of preparation – The Inverness Street Pastors Day Time initiative rolls out onto the streets of Inverness City Centre..

And as this blog entry goes live we will have been on the street on our first patrol for about 30 minutes.

Having gained a positive reputation with the night time economy in the city we are starting to engage with the day time community, with the shops and their staff, with customers, folks who live within and are visiting the city centre.

The information card we will be handing out to business operators in the City

Our aim is simply to serve the people of Inverness, showing Gods Love in practical ways… in really practical ways.

Some folks don’t see the need for what we do – but research has shown that the financial impact of treating a foot cut on broken glass at A&E can run to £750… and a pair of flip-flops costs £1…  the prevention we can offer by being present for people in need has a positive impact on the services we all use. But the economic benefit is secondary, it is the people we care for.. who can put a price on the value of a person.

We have been building a network for referrals with the many agencies that cover the City Centre, but our primary objective is to to be available to people who need someone to listen, care and help them. What we hope to bring is that Christ like compassion that knows what really counts in moments of pain, anxiety, loss and suffering is that someone is prepared to stay alongside us, not necessarily providing us with solutions but offering us the consolation and comfort that comes through a supportive presence.

The core values we aim to express are:

  • The sacredness and sanctity of human life;
  • Valuing and honouring the community
  • Being a person of integrity
  • Taking personal responsibility
  • The growth and development of the individual to their fullest potential.

The fact that this service starts on St. Valentines day is not a mere co-incidence, it is a statement.

So if you’re in the City at all and you see us around – please say “Hi” and feel free to chat.


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