Day time Inverness street pastors launched….

February 21, 2012

The Inverness Street Pastors Daytime initiative started last Tuesday… 14th February… St Valentines day.

It was an appropriate date on which to start being out on the streets of Inverness to serve and bless the daytime community.

The first shop owner I talked to was very interested in what we are trying to do to serve the community – and said that there was a great need.  And now after our third day on the streets we are starting to see a pattern.  A City that wants to respond to the needs of the weakest and most vulnerable in our society… give us your wisdom Lord to know how to serve and bless these people who have welcomed us into the city…

At the end of the Day we had talked to over 60 people, visited 21 business and talked to many people on the streets of the city.

Our first patrol included Dawn, Donald and myself – and a BBC news crew.

It was great to be able to serve with these people.  Donald could strike up a conversation with anyone, and has a real heart for people.  It seemed that Dawn knew every second person by name and introduced herself to the rest.

We made it briefly onto Reporting Scotland…

and a longer radio interview (click here).

(Video and Audio are copyright of BBC Scotland)


One comment

  1. Wonderful to hear about the launch of the daytime Street Pastors may God’s light shine through you all.

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