Bob Johnson at Hilton Lighthouse 20th March

March 16, 2012

Bob Johnson will be in Inverness this coming weekend… and will be the guest speaker at an event in Hilton Lighthouse on Tuesday 20th March.

This event is for men only, a place to eat bacon rolls and talk about the things that men care about… so if you know someone in the Hilton area that would like a evening having a blether with the boys bring them along…

About Bob & Kimberly Johnson Ministries.

Bob and Kimberly Johnson have a heart and a passion to love the lost and equip the body to become all God created them to be. Their ministry is based in San Francisco where their team has been for over 11 years. Through this they show the Father’s love to the homeless, prostitutes and inner city kids. They have come to learn that if you can just give someone a taste of Jesus, they will be forever changed.

Bob has made “Jesus to the World” his life message and through experience and diligence has learned the significance of this. He preaches this message all over the world with the same response. The response is one of overwhelming freedom and an excitement to evangelize and train up disciples. He is able to communicate in a way that is revelatory and yet practical for everyone who listens.

Bob and Kimberly are taking their ministry to new levels by working to get children out of sex slavery overseas as well as creating seminars to teach the body of Christ to achieve their goals through understanding the power of the Holy Spirit within each of them. Through equipping the individual to become who they were created to be, they believe the body as a whole will rise up into its destiny.


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