On the road to Loch Carron & Skye Presbyterial Council Annual Rally…

June 7, 2012

Loch Carron, 1st June 2012

This past weekend I had the opportunity of sharing about the work of Street Pastors in Inverness with the Loch Carron/Skye Presbyterial Council Annual Rally at Kilmore Church on the Isle of Skye.  (The photo above was taken on the trip from Inverness to Skye, and is 4 HDR images stitched together to form a panorama of the view over Loch Carron)

It has been close to 13 years since I was last on the Sleat peninsula, and it was just glorious to be back.

In the vestibule of the Kilmore Church is a simple cross etched into a stone about 75cm high and 20cm at it’s widest part.  Stephen Fennell the convenor of the Council explained to me that this had been discovered in a remote corner of the church grounds and archeologists were of the opinion that this stone cross could date back to the 6th Century, to around the time that St Columba landed on Sleat.

The Guild had given me the topic of A Faith to Proclaim to talk on and sharing about why and how Street Pastors share their faith in practical ways to those needing help in the city, and it was a real pleasure and delight to do so.

The impression I was left with was that this church was a ‘thin’ place, soaked in prayer over centuries and that the Presbyterial Council represented the church in Loch Carron and Skye that were equally soaked in prayer.  So it is really special that they have agreed to pray for Inverness Street pastors every month from now on… what a blessing!

My thanks to Stephen Fennell and Anne MacAskill for hosting a fabulous day.




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