AbolitionScotland – Prayer and action for the end of sex slavery

November 2, 2012

Prostitution is legal in Scotland – while kerbcrawling, soliciting, pimping and running a brothel are illegal, the purchase and sale of sex are both legal – and people are trafficked here for sexual exploitation.

“When you sell drugs, you can only sell them once: when you sell the services of a prostitute you can sell her for years” – the words of a former drug dealer turned pimp.

While some people who are trafficked as workers – slave labour – the vast majority are trafficked into prostitution… and this problem is local.   A trafficking case in Scotland found that 14 women were trafficked for prostitution, earning their pimp £20,000 a week… over £1m a year.  These women derived no financial benefit, they were enslaved, abused by an insatiable demand for sex.

A demand for which there is currently no legislation.

However a proposal for a bill to legislate against the purchase of sex in Scotland is currently ongoing until 14th December.  This private members bill is being tabled by one of our local representatives  in parliament – Rhoda Grant MSP.

This bill will make it illegal to purchase sex – deliberately focused on reducing the demand… as the supply (the prostitution and hence trafficking) are driven by this demand.

Abolition Scotland along with Care, Scottish Evangelical Alliance, Exodus Cry and others are rallying support for the bill in Scotland’s churches.

Abolition Scotland are arranging screenings of an award winning documentary “Nefarious: Merchant of Souls” that lifts the veil on the sex industry and on human trafficking.

Asking for churches to engage:

  • in prayer about the issues of human trafficking;
  • to respond to the public consolation – see information at http://www.abolitionscotland.org/;
  • to contact their MSPs – the Sex industry has already been in contact with every MSP to try and stop this bill;
  • to tell others about the issue; and
  • to give towards the Abolition Scotland campaigns work.

I have hosted three screenings of this documentary in my local church and everyone who has seen it has been touched with compassion about the issue of human trafficking and now see clearly the link been trafficking and prostitution.

Do something today, right now, that can free someone from this modern day slavery – get involved.

For more information about the campaign and how to respond or to get involved see the Abolition Scotlands website http://www.abolitionscotland.org/.


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