Blue Flame – Furnace – Barn Church August 2012

November 3, 2012

Earlier this year in August Blue Flame was invited to run a Furnace event at the Barn Church in Culloden, Inverness.

Photo by Karen Beaton

Blue Flame is a grouping of Christians from a number of churches in and around Inverness who explore the use of creativity and the prophetic in the worship of God and outreach to those seeking him.

Photo by Karen Beaton

Furnace events  are primarily events for the group to engage creatively together – in music, in art, in dance. A place to be creative, and for this event in August the creative juices were starting to flow for me.

In planning for the event I felt that the building at the Barn Church offered an opportunity for a temporary multi-media installation – and so for one evening only we devised and installed Jacobs Ladder…

The inspiration for this installation can be found in John 1:51 Jesus says this “Very truly I tell you, you will see ‘heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending on’ the Son of Man.”

The ladder on which Jacob saw angels ascending and descending to and from heaven was the person of Jesus Christ, the Son of Man.  And it was this that I felt stirred to create for this event…

The installation was to use back projection and lighting that could be colour mixed allowing a consistency of colours, tones and intensities throughout the structure.  The back projection would display ambient images and video clips prepared before the event.

The construction started as a rough sketch on my iPad…

This gave me a ‘shopping list’ for what we needed to build the installation…

Kings Fellowship kindly allowed me to borrow, a DMX lighting desk, a disused projector and four LED PAR 64 stage lights…

Blue Flame had a 60m length of Muslin perviously used at the Belladrum Festival as part of the ministry there…

Charity Boman-Webb supplied her “Heavenly Portal” sculpture to be included in the installation…

I added some cabling, DMX terminators, VGA amplifiers, projector, iPad and time to build and test the technology.

And on the night it all came together and looked like this…

Photo by Karen Beaton

Close to 10m high and 8m wide Jacobs Ladder dominated one end of the Barn Church.

We deliberately did not explain what the installation was, or what it represented – and were amazed at just how many people were able to identify what it was.

It became a place of rest and peace as people soaked in the presence of God in the church that evening.

…and now I’m presently working on the next installation for Kings Fellowship… watch this space…


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