Street Pastors Benefit Concert – an update!

November 4, 2012

Well it has been quite some time since I’ve created an original post on the blog… there has been just so much going on!

So over the next week or so I’ll be playing catchup on events… Starting with the Street Pastors Benefit Concert in August.

Around 150 people came to the concert from a wide spectrum of churches throughout Inverness. Along with a large gathering of existing street pastors.

Part of the event was also to commission new street pastors into the team, charging them with the responsibility of carrying the message of Jesus Christ into the streets of the City.

Scott McRoberts was the host for the evening – and this week will see him installed as the minister at Holm Church of Scotland in Inverness.

There were a variety of performers at the concert from male voice choirs, gaelic singers, harpists though to the christian rock band Atrium (who gave a very memorable performance that was enjoyed by all).

The folks of Inverness East Church of Scotland were hugely generous in organising the event sponsoring teas and coffees, and the hire of the facilities at the Drumossie.

And we are very grateful for the work of Scott McGowan of Babyface Productions for pulling the whole event together.

At the end of the evening over £2500 was raised for Inverness Street Pastors.  This money will go to continuing the work of Street Pastors in Inverness, serving the community, communicating the Love of Christ in a practical way… Listening, Caring and Helping those in need of a saviour.


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