Retrospective: ILSOM Edinburgh September 2011

November 5, 2012

There are times when things just come together… and one such time for us was in September 2011.

My wife and I had been given a gift to allow us to go to ILSOM (International Leaders School) in Edinburgh.  But initially the logistics seemed against us… it was during school and we had never been away from them for this long… and accommodation was looking expensive… all the kind of reasons that would want you just to say It’s too much bother…

Well… the ILSOM week fell on THE week that our Son was going to be away at camp… Good friends who had brought up two daughters of their own were willing to adopt our girl for the week… and we found accommodation nearby those expense was completely covered by the gift we had been given.

You know when God puts things together we’re really just along for the ride… so relax and enjoy.

John and Caroll Arnott supported by Stu and Cloe Glassborow where leading the conference and it was excellent.

A couple of days in I found myself feeling a bit agitated – there were so many people being ministered to, and the presence of God was just thick – but I was twitchy… then the realisation came to mind that this was the first christian conference I had been to in 30 years that I wasn’t serving at in some capacity… I wasn’t in the worship team, I wasn’t in the ministry team, I wasn’t stewarding, I wasn’t teaching… nothing was expected of me other than to ‘be’.

I was bothered by this thought and spotted someone that I felt I should pray for… when I felt a soft voice saying to me “I think you’re sitting in my chair”,  I quickly recognised that God was speaking to me about my attitude.  He is the one who sits upon the throne, he is the one who has authority… and I was trying to sit in His chair.

For all of us, but especially those in ministry, we need to be able, willing and quick to yield to God.  And for me ILSOM was a lesson in yielding.

ILSOM is about yielding to God… recognising who He is, what Jesus did for us on the cross, the person of the Holy Spirit… soaking in his presence, listening to him, being sensitive to the ties that bind, and equipping us to break out of that bondage… releasing us to minister more effectively.

This is a short post about a deep experience – ILSOM is well worth going to… if you are in Ministry, considering Ministry, or just plain curious – just go.  Go and Receive, Go and be refreshed, go and be renewed.

The next UK ILSOM is ILSOM Milton Keynes – 28th January to 1st February.

A full schedule of events and information about ILSOM can be found on the Catch the Fire website here.


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