Passing it on…

February 1, 2013

Last night I was watching the live video stream of the Vineyard National Leaders conference in Nottingham.

Alan Scott was sharing his heart on the authority of the church to be fathers and mothers to cities, towns and communities.  He shared on the absurdity of Gods economy… the lavish love of a Father caring for all his children, whether they know him or not… the multiplication of His abundance…

Awesome and dramatic – and relevant to my work today… today I was sorting shoes and clothes.

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Items donated from a local Tescos – where a Mum whose daughter was helped by local street pastors had authority and the heart to donate unused stock to street pastors to help those in need in our city.

Within this stock Street Pastors gained around 100 pairs of flip-flops and 30 good quality rain ponchos… all will be used by the night time teams in the city over the next year… and…

The items Street Pastors couldn’t use are on their way to a the housing support team of a charity that helps homeless people and those in dire circumstances into housing in the city… this included 30 pairs of school shoes, children’s wellingtons, shoes for men and women… and…

What they cannot use will go to raise funds in another charity that supplies food and support for low income families, old infirm and on the margins of society.

God’s economy at work… a street pastor gives out a pair of flip flops one night in a city centre… a generous lady donates with all her heart… Street Pastors work gains 100 fold what they gave away, to give away again… and children, families and individuals working to setup home are gifted some necessary clothing and footwear… while others receive the food and support that they need.

This is God’s economy – what is given in love will multiply as the effect of the gift ripples out and out… small acts of practical kindness… shifting communities, shifting towns and shifting cities.

What can you pass on today?


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