Alan Scott – Vineyard National Leaders Conference 2013

February 6, 2013


The following is the evening talk that Alan Scott gave at the 2013 Vineyard National Leaders conference….

Alan talks of the Power of Gods Presence…

All the available talks from the 2013 conference can be listened to/downloaded from here.



  1. Just what exactly honestly moved u to post “Alan Scott – Vineyard
    National Leaders Conference 2013 Andrew Gregg’s Blog”? I reallyabsolutely enjoyed the post! Thanks ,Vernita

    • I am a street pastor in Inverness… daily I see people who have never known what it is to have a healthy relationship with a father. It is on my heart that the church, as representatives of Christ need to take up the role of parenting their communities, towns and cities.. representing our spiritual Father. Something of this is in what Alan shared at the NLC, something of getting our heads and hearts around the authority God has placed in us for His purpose…

      I was in a vineyard back in Ireland and know Alan from regional leaders meetings… I know his heart.

      And I want to spread this message – I want offer people who wouldn’t normally have picked up the NLC the opportunity of hearing Alan. Sowing seeds.

      I hope this answers your question…



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