headaches and toast – living on £18 a week

April 19, 2013

Recently I spent two days with someone who had literally run out of money… no food in the house… no gas or electricity… with caring for a blind partner and a disabled child… The guy was a mess… We were able to help a bit… and get some assistance until the next benefit payment… but this is happening more and more… it breaks my heart.

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I came across this today, and am posting it because it is encouraging that MPs are taking this seriously, even if it is not making any difference. On the Hansard you can read transcript of debates in Parliament, and here is a report from Helen Goodman MP, who decided to try living on £18/week during the recent parliamentary recess. I think it makes interesting reading for those of us who are so financially removed from the poorest in our society.   

“I was so shocked when I read what my constituents wrote to me about the implications for them of the bedroom tax, and about how little they would have left to live on, that I decided during the week of the recent recess to see if I could survive on £18 a week, which is what they will be left with to buy their food after 1 April…

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