April 26, 2013



24-25th May 2013


We would like to invite you on a journey with us into a shift of Christian culture that we believe is key to transforming our nation, and enable us as communities to see increasing levels of His presence among us. 

A Spirit filled church environment creates increasing levels of joy, freedom and peace. These qualities will only remain to the degree that we can protect our relationships with one another, We have many times lost momentum because of disappointing relationships.

The practice of honour is often a lost art in our modern culture, or has become jargon without depth.   Honour is a two way experience.

We must understand the function of honour comes through free people making a way for each other to remain powerful in the relationship. If we violate another person’s need for value, self-control or safety, then dishonour rushes in and fear fills our motivations.

Honour requires that we prioritise relationships so love can rule the situation, family dynamic or corporate environment. 

This conference is for those who would love to see their communities become places of love, freedom and safety and for those who long to leave control and manipulation far behind.  It’s for those who want to see more of heaven on earth through believers and churches who know how to host his presence through relationships full of love.

for more information see: Hope Church – Glasgow

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