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Poem – Of Truth and Flies (or, When the Wifes Away…)

November 4, 2013

Autumn Trees

Of Truth and Flies  (or, When the Wife’s away…)

A still, clear November morning.

The lochan ringed with golden trees

Reflected in the mirrored pool

Give warmth and light more than

The shallow incident rays of autumn sun.

A line unfurls, reaching out over the waters

Settling gently, kissing the reflecting interface

Between cold clear water, and crisp clean air.

There presents the ‘lie’ – a sharp, curled, barbless abdomen

Dressed red body and ruff – dips into the water

Dark hairs clinging to the tension of the surface.

A piscine mind – always hungry, always eating

Always looking for an opportunity to feed – sees food…

And voraciously takes the lie – creasing water, twitching leader

In expectant moment arm muscles tighten

Rod tip lifted high, bows towards an unseen opponent

Strike! – it’s on – battle commences.

A smile broadens.

The line once lazily resting on the pool

Now taut describes a vector between two worlds

One of water and one of earth.

Racing – tugging – pulling – snatched to and fro…

Adrenaline flows… arm wearies… smile remains

The vector shortens, and at times lengthens

As the war of will plays out

But inexorably the line taken is more than is given out

Drawing fish and fisherman to waters edge

Soon, all too soon, man and fish are eye to eye

Surrendered to an encounter with each other

What will the final outcome be?

Warm hand reaches out and gently removes the lie

From the cold blooded lip

Once a prisoner, now released, set free

Leviathan flicks a tail – returns to the depths.

Until next time.

Resting on damp knees, the smile remains

Present at this blue pool, ringed with gold

Thankfulness flows for this place, this time, this moment

And the warm light of a clear, still November morning.

Andrew Gregg (4th November 2013)